First Baptist Church Chocowinity

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Special Prayer Requests

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If you want to make a request, please fill out the form and press submit.

Ensure the loved ones you care about get the prayers they deserve with FBC Chocowinity. Reminder: The Prayer Box is located in the vestibule for new requests and 30 day updates. Please update your loved ones' prayer request or if he/she needs removing from the list no later than the last Wednesday of each month. Just fill in a new request here for each person you would like to remain on our list. Praise reports are welcome!

We have a special prayer request for the following:

• Jack and Linda Franks during transition
• Pastor that God is preparing for FBCC
• Unity and Love for each other
• Search to fill open church positions
• USA & all leaders 

Salvation Prayer Requests

• Peter Denton (Carol W)
 Guy Lollis (Gina P)
• Michael Meekins (Becky S)
• David Noe (Carol W)

Members Prayer Requests

We always keep each other in our prayers. The members we are putting in our prayers include:

• Teresa Ayers
• Betty Bell

• Plummer Harding
• Lonnie, Dixie & Adam McLawhorn
• Erma Nobles
• Philip & Glenda Nepper 
• Debbie Vann

• E

Family Prayer Requests

There are many friends and family in our congregation who we want to keep in our prayers. The people who are in our thoughts include:

• Chloe Albright (Grace B)
• Christine Clark (Erma N)
• Terry Dail 
• Barbara Edmonds (Ed S)
• Nick Florrence (Phillip N)
• W O & Judy Grissom (Dixie M)
• Tom Jones (Barbara J)
• Joyce Jones (Lonnie M)
• Skyla Breeze Leggett (Edna P)
• Trilloe McLamb (Melba G)
• Danny Norris Family (Robin C)
• Brent Webb (Phillip N)

Friends Prayer Requests

• Sheila Allen (Dixie M)
• Amy Benson (Dixie M)
• Ray Kennedy
• Bruce Libengood (Dixie M)

• James Mitchell (Past member)
• Aubrey Moore (JD & Yvonne)
• Harry Ross' Family (Phillip N)
• Kathy Taylor (Melber B)